Let’s write the future of industrial robotics.


ABB has revolutionized the way humans and robots work together. At R&D Robotics, we need your expertise to reach further success on this rapidly growing market.You will be part of an exciting journey, develop cutting edge technology and create the future of next generation’s industrial robots. Operating within one of the following areas, you will play a vital part in propelling the fourth industrial revolution.

Embedded Software

You will develop software for our robot system and thereby ensure right motion performance and adaptability worldwide. You will do so as Embedded nSoftware Developer, Robot Application Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, UX/UI Designer or nConfiguration and Integration Specialist.

Hardware and Electronics

Operating as Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Electronics Design
Engineer or Mechanical Design Engineer, your main mission will be
to develop our robot system’s controller and drive.


To develop new robot arms, the actual physical robot, we need Senior Mechanical Designers with focus on
DFAA, sealing and robot protection. We are also looking for Mechanical Data Analysts as well as Experts in Gear and Machine Element Technology.

These recruitments are made in collaboration with the recruitment company Norén & Lindholm. Please send your application no later than July 2nd.